New day, new photos

Yeah, more guy shots. So what? Haha. Excuse the lack of symmetry (sp) or consistency, but these are 1024 width as opposed to the normal 800x533 I usually use. Downtown LA with some buddies! *NOTE* Click on the photos to view them in full size.

Duane's truck. Duane's truck x2.

Duane in the air. Duane in the air x2.

Duane and friend on truck. Old Asian men.

Graffiti. Indoor.

indoor x2. dog.

angel. Leroy's Lounge.

graffiti x2. billboard.

skateboarders. car.

sign. tourists.

Duane's roommate. black cat.

grey cat.

A few of my friends Duane's truck which just ran through the LA wash you see in the above pics. Also a pic of his friends before they leave to a party. Not my favorite people pic due to bad lighting. The last shot of the cat is my least favorite... I couldn't get the picture right due to the aforementioned lighting issue. Oh wells.


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