Great Deals on Canon EOS Digital SLR gear (film gear too) on Amazon!

Wee! Great deals on Amazon:

Deals on Amazon!

Since I'm such a strong believer in Amazon for having the best prices and quick shipping and great customer service, here's some deals I've found for you! When you buy something by clicking on my links, I get a small percentage (at no cost to you) from Amazon. Thanks for helping me pay for this site. The prices were at the time of this page was published.

Canon Cameras

Canon Powershot SD780IS (Superb point-and-shoot) I use it personally!, Canon 7D (Body only) $1,699, Canon 5D Mark II (Body only) $2,710, Canon 50D (Body only) $989, Canon Rebel T1I (Kit with 18-55II lens) $810, Canon Rebel XSi (Kit with 18-55II lens) $580, Nikon D40 (Kit with 18-55 AF-S lens) $469 (I'd be shooting this if I weren't shooting Canon) or;

The awesome, Nikon D700 (Body only) $2,451

Those are the only two Nikon bodies I'd absolutely recommend. For Canon it'd have to be the Rebel XS/XSi and 5D2. I don't see the point of the other bodies. I go full frame for its sharpness, low-light performance and use of wide-angle lenses.

Here are my recommended Canon lenses:, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Mark II $95 (The EF 50mm 1.8II is a super awesome lens, incredibly sharp.), Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 $366, Canon EF 17-40 F/4L (I can't say enough good things about this lens) Extremely sharp and beats or equals the performance of Canon's wide primes. You can't beat this lens for the money.

My new website is!!

My new website is I won't be using blogspot anymore!!

A couple new photos using my small Canon point-and-shoot.

I swear this camera is great. Small, light, portable. The Canon SD780IS. Get it here! <--click for Amazon.

A description of the image goes here.A description of the image goes here.

One shot from the grave...

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Canon EF F/4L 17-40MM USM Ultra Wide Angle Lens Review

I highly recommend the Canon 17-40MM lens. It's extremely well-made, super sharp, even at F/4, great sharpness all throughout the frame (except maybe the extreme corners at large apertures) Stopped down to about f/8 gets you great sharpness and f/11 it's at its best. I even used it as a portrait lens with fantastic results. Here's a sample portrait @ 24mm at f/4:

View some of my car photos in the blog for the wide angle shots shot with this lens!

Here's a sample at 17mm (the focal length I use 95% of the time with SUPERB results):

Buy it here at Amazon while they last! Canon EF F/4L 17-40mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Some new pics!

Taken with my small Canon point-and-shootGTO

GTOMy friend and his dog

Some graffiti in Malibumore of the same
A description of the image goes here.
cristina in action x2. Eric's profile.

Eric and bricks. Eric's profile.

I'm a dancer. Goofy Eric.

skateboarding dog.

New photos at the beach. Santa Monica, CA

Hanif by rocks.

parking lot. ferris wheel.

Beach. toy stand.

Man. chow pup.

people walking.

people standing.

Some more pics with 50mm 1.8!

This one is big so I'll just link it...

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